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Improve your fuel economy, keep your vehicle running longer and safer and prevent big repairs by paying a little attention to proper maintenance. Proper Maintenance will increase your mileage, increase the life of your vehicle, increase your car’s resale value, improve performance, improve safety, increase your peace of mind.

At Mastercare Automotive, we believe in uncompromising quality on every service. From oil changes to engine replacements, your vehicle will be in the capable hands of an experienced, ASE certified technician. An oil change at Mastercare Automotive is affordable, and provides so much more than your standard oil and filter change. Every time you bring your vehicle to Mastercare Automotive, you’ll receive a complimentary Courtesy Inspection. Our expert auto repair and maintenance technicians will check all of your vehicle’s fluids to see if they are at the manufacturer recommended levels and quality. Mastercare Automotive believes in quality parts and fluids, too. We use the highest quality oil filters and synthetic blend and full synthetic motor oils.

Steering & suspension services could help eliminate premature tire wear & save you hundreds of dollars.

When you bring in your vehicle for steering and suspension services to the certified experts and technicians at Mastercare Automotive you get a complete system evaluation, which includes:

  • Thoroughly inspecting all shocks, struts, and springs for signs of wear or damage
  • Replacing worn, damaged, or missing steering or suspension parts that are not performing as intended
  • Other suspension repairs as needed to get you back on the road safely

Although, there is no fluid in the fuel system beyond gasoline, there are services that should be performed to keep it operating properly. Over time, gasoline can leave dirty deposits inside your car’s engine and this reduces mileage and performance.


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